Skylark uniforms has an exellent infrastructure with fully specialized machines in efficiently delivering excellence to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.The credit for our success goes to our dedicated and diligent work force, coupled with a highly strong and sound infrastructure.

Our Production system are highly organized to the last detail. Our manufacturing units is specialized product-wise. State-of-the-art machines enhance productivity and maintain consistent quality standards.

Our company is been fully equiped with all kinds of machineries that are required in a standard garments production unit.

This Includes:-
  • * 2 - 36*5 Cutting tables
  • * 120 - Single Needle Machine's
  • * 12 - Five thread over lock Machine's
  • * 2 - Double Needle Machine's
  • * 1 - fusing machine
  • * 1 - Hemming Machine
  • * 1 - Feed-off arm
  • * 1 - Button hole Machine
  • * 1 - Button hole electronic machine
  • * 1 - Buttoning Machine
  • * 1- Buttoning electronic machine
  • * Stream Ironing consists of 7 tables
  • * Round Knife Cutting Machine's - 8
  • * Straight. Knife Cutting Machine's - 2
These machineries are placed in about 2400 square fit of area. This has been built with vertical layout. The Administrative office and the Packing section are occupied in the ground floor.

The first floor is consisting of cutting table arranged in a spacious manner which initiates the workers to get circled around the cutting table. The 1/4th part of the first floor is occupied by the Stream Ironing tables and the Finishing Dept.

The Sewing department is entirely facilitated in the second floor which consists of machineries that are arranged for continuous production. The third floor is consisting of canteen facilities with clean and hygienic. First aid boxes and fire extensions are placed in vital areas of the company.
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