Quality Monitoring Quality is an obsession at Skylark uniforms.We have adopted a Total Quality management System (TQM) program .This ensures greater quality and productivity. Through our unprecedented involvement in every step of the manufacturing process, we have raised the bar for quality standards.

Our team comprising of personnel trained in 'garment manufacturing technology' maintains a strict vigil on the quality. They inspect each style before it goes on to the production line, examining every requirement from sewing to packing. An operation breakdown and machine specification list is prepared for each style.

Skylark uniforms is now in the process of adopting the Lean Production Method . This process involves going deeply into the manufacturing activities and adopting holistic and sustainable approach that uses less of everything to give us more.

The quality department maintains the quality standards from stores, sampling, cutting, production, finishing and final packing. The following methods are used to maintain the quality standards in each department.
  • Cutting - Checking fabric faults and cutting mistakes.

  • Production -

    . Inspecting 30 pcs/hr in every operation by the inline .
    . 100% inspection for abnormal measurements.
    . 100% end line inspection for sewing mistakes.
    . 100% inspection for appearance.
    . 100% inspection

  • Final Checking

  • Packing

  • Delivering
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